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You might remember almost three months ago I was feeling a little bit bored with BBG. Don’t get me wrong, BBG is AMAZING and changed my body in ways I never thought possible. But after almost two years, I was feeling like I needed a change.

There is nothing wrong with switching up your routine and trying something new. We were made to adapt! That’s when I started the Kinobody program. Basically, I replaced my BBG days with Kinobody weight training days.

While you can do BBG at home, I find it much easier to do in a gym. All you need is basic equipment (bench, weights, mat).

Here are my thoughts:

First of all, the program is not geared toward women. That was disappointing. There is a specific avenue for women, but it’s just overall meant for guys. The workout demonstrations are all done by guys and you can tell the founder focuses more on the male physique.

Secondly, the workouts are not cardiovascular focused. I really challenged myself with the weight but it was still no match for the huffing and puffing you get from BBG. When I spend time in the gym, I want to feel like I got a good workout. Kinobody didn’t give me that feeling.

Lastly, I did not feel myself progressing. Sure, maybe I didn’t give it enough time, but even as I was increasing weights, I did not feel as lean as I would like.

Back to BBG becuase it’s the perfect workout in my opinion!

Soooooo I’m back to my true love…BBG! Honestly I am not sure I will ever switch out of this program. For me it’s the perfect balance of cardio and strength. Above all, the workouts are challenging. When I was doing Kinobody, I looked forward to those workouts because they were easy for me to do and I didn’t even break a sweat most of the time. With BBG, I dread them (you girls who stare at a day with commandos and drop push-ups feel me) but that’s because they hurt so good!


  1. I totally understand how you feel! As someone who did a lot of cardio based workouts (running and HIIT), once I switched to weight lifting I missed feeling like I did when I had a good cardio session. I liked feeling strong and gaining muscle but was stuck on what to do since I liked cardio too. I found that HIIT/circuit training 3-4 days a week and weight training ~3 days per week gave me the best of both worlds 🙂


    • No I haven’t! I have always done the original BBG. I MIGHT consider switching to BBG Stronger, but PWR uses some machines I don’t have in my apartment gym so probably won’t do that one any time soon.


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