I’m on a New Program

You might have seen me announce on Instagram that I’m taking a break from my typical BBG routine. Don’t misunderstand, I LOVE BBG. It’s easy to follow, always challenging and has truly helped me transform my body. That being said, with the new year I craved a new challenge.

My fiance decided to try the Kinobody 12-week challenge and I figured I would do it with him! Maybe some form of pre-marital bonding? Not sure that’s the case, but it’s fun to do together. I’m following Greg O’Gallagher’s Goddess Training Program for women. The great part about switching from BBG to Kinobody is that I didn’t have to change my routine. Basically I just switched out the three BBG days for three Kinobody days. As a creature of habit, not having to change up my entire workout schedule is a huge plus!

My goal for this challenge is to tighten up a bit. Not necessarily lose weight, but that might happen. Nothing drastic here, just trying to feel extra confident leading up to my wedding in a few months 🙂 . I did cut my macros slightly, so I’m eating around 1,850 calories each day now (in maintenance I eat about 2,000).

I’m about 1/3 of the way in and really like the program. It focuses on three weight training days that involve less jumping than BBG but much heavier weights. I don’t find myself “huffing and puffing” quite as much, but the moves are certainly challenging. I don’t burn as many calories during the Kinobody workouts as I did with BBG, but that’s why I always include about 25 minutes of cardio after each session.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated when I finish the challenge and let you in on my before/after pictures.

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