Sweating for the Wedding

It’s been a while since I sat down to write a blog post! Between starting a new role at work and the holidays, this little part of Thinned Out Claire got pushed to the wayside. With a new year, a fresh start and a clean state I am thrilled to get another blog post out here for you!

Since I’m now officially 18 weeks out (AH!) from my wedding I want to update you on my fitness/nutritional plan leading up to the big day.

Let me start by saying that I’m pretty happy with my body right now. Could I be a little leaner? Sure, but I’ve been less strict over the past few months and really allowed myself to enjoy situations (and foods!) without being so restrictive. I’m not at my lowest weight, but I am at a happy weight 🙂 .

That being said, I want to look my absolute best for the wedding in May! Not to mention the beach honeymoon right after 😉 . I spoke to my macros coach, Josh Ledbetter, to get his expert opinion. He suggested I do a “mini-cut” leading up to the wedding. My goal is to just tone up and feel super confident, not drop a ton of weight. In fact, if I go through this cut and look exactly how I do now for the wedding, I would be ok with that. This isn’t supposed to be drastic.

Ok so what’s my plan? Right now I’m eating at maintenance calories (aka eating the same amount of calories that my body burns naturally and with exercise) and have hovered around the same weight for the last 6 months. I’m going to start the cut by 50 calories – which really isn’t that much – for the first couple of weeks, cut 50 calories for two weeks after that and then reevaluate. At that point, I’ll be four weeks in and can take a look at how my body is responding.

And after the wedding comes the fun part, another reverse diet. Wahoo!

Make sure to follow along on Instagram so you can see my food diaries for this mini-cut!


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