Training While Sick

Is it worth it?  Will you lose progress if you take a few days off because you feel under the weather?  No, my friends, the answer is NO!

It’s that time of the year where the flu is rampant and it seems like everyone is coughing or sneezing.  If you are not feeling 100% because of a nasty bug, skip the gym!  Trust me on this one.  It’s not worth it in the long run to push yourself.

If you take a couple days off your body is able to fully recover so you can get right back to your normal routine in a few days.  Conversely, if you push yourself at the gym while your body is also fighting an illness, your body won’t be able to succeed in either area.  You will end up sicker for longer and failing at your workout anyway.

Whenever I feel a pesky cold coming on, I follow these steps and nip it right in the bud!

  1. Skip the gym for at least 2 days or until symptoms are completely gone.
  2. Get extra sleep (this helps when I skip the gym!) and try to get at least 8 hours.
  3. Take an Emergen-C every morning.
  4. Take Coldeeze lozenges every 4-6 hours.

I know there’s no cure for the common cold, but I’ve followed this method for the past few years and it really does work to stop a cold in its tracks!

As far as diet goes, this is really up to you and you have to listen to your body.  I haven’t been really sick in a long time.  If you’re literally stuck in bed and can’t move, you certainly shouldn’t be worried about macros.  In this case, just make sure you are eating enough calories to give you the fuel to get well.  If a milkshake is all you can muster, go for it!

If you don’t feel well, but are still able to make it to work, then you should still be able to count your macros.  You may not hit them 100% perfectly and that is FINE, but it also shouldn’t be an excuse to get completely off track if you can help it.

If I get a little cold this season, I’ll update this post to include a “sick” food diary 😉 .


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