Which Foods Make You Fat?

I’ve heard it all.

Too much fat makes you fat.
Too many carbs make you fat.
Too much sugar makes you fat.
Too much fruit makes you fat.
Too many desserts make you fat.
Too much alcohol makes you fat.
Too much fast food makes you fat.
Too much meat makes you fat.

But you know what?  It isn’t black and white.  There will ALWAYS be a diet craze out there (I feel like right now the trend is Keto aka eating little to no carbs) and there will always be strong opinions and research to back up both sides.

What’s really making you fat?  SHOCKER it’s not the type of foods you are eating, it’s the quantity of those foods.  I preach this all the time, but no foods should be off limits.  I don’t believe in bad foods, but I do believe in bad portions.

The reason you put on weight is from consuming more calories than you burn.  It doesn’t matter if all those calories come from Reese’s cups or if they come from apples.  At the end of the day, it’s about calories in vs. calories out.

You could eat a diet that solely consists of cupcakes, butter, and pizza and still lose weight if you are eating less calories than your body needs.  And yes, of course, this is not the ideal way to lose weight.  There are some other serious health problems associated with a poor diet but for the sake of losing weight it would work.

I’m absolutely not promoting this sort of diet.  Fruits, veggies, natural and whole foods, grains, etc. should make up the majority of your diet if you want to live an overall healthy lifestyle.  They make your insides feel good 🙂 .  But when it comes to losing weight, it’s all about calories.

You don’t need to eliminate anything from your diet, just practice moderation!

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