My Current Eating Plan

At the end of September, I was felt like I was just going through the motions.  I guess I was bored?  I had been “cutting” for about 5 weeks and hadn’t seen my weight budge much.  Granted, I wasn’t 100% committed…I still was having some splurges on the weekends so I would say I stuck to those lower macros about 75-80%.  That’s completely fine, but if you are trying to lose fat, you really do have to be committed and stick to your macros if you want to see the results.

Even though the number on the scale didn’t move much, I felt good in my skin and started asking myself “What’s the point?”

Was I cutting just to see a lower number on the scale?  The answer was yes.  I looked myself in the mirror and said, “Claire, if you feel good, feel like you look good, and are a few pounds heavier does it really make a difference?”  The answer to that is NO.

So that brought me to wonder what to do next.  With Stu being back in town, I felt like counting macros was getting a bit tedious.  Did I really need to weigh an apple before I ate it?  I decided to try something new – intuitive eating!  With intuitive eating, I would track loosely in My Fitness Pal some days, and other days I wouldn’t track at all.  It went pretty well most of the time, but when it went wrong, it went VERY wrong.  I slipped back into some old habits of overeating (especially on the weekends) and felt myself losing control.  That wasn’t a fun feeling, but I knew with some work trips and lots of personal travel coming up it would be really hard to go back to macro counting.

So what did I do this week?  I enlisted Josh’s help!  I told him what I’d been doing the last 4ish months and asked him what he thought was the best course of action.  He suggested I take 2-3 weeks to just hone in on getting back to counting macros at my maintenance level.  I was ready to jump straight into a fat loss phase (lower macros), but he said the best thing to do is just readjust to counting (always such a voice of reason).

I was out of town for work last week, and will pretty much be on the road most of November, so tracking will definitely be harder, but not impossible.  I did a great job tracking (even while eating all meals out) last week and this weekend and am determined to keep this going!  I’ll track at maintenance for the next 2 weeks and then touch base with Josh and see how my weight shakes out.

Stay tuned for my next update!  Feel free to leave any questions below 🙂 .


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