Pinnertest Food Intolerance Results

A few weeks back I decided to take a food intolerance test.  The reason I took it was actually because I don’t think I have any food intolerances.  I don’t have allergies or bad reactions to foods, but I thought it would be interesting to take the test anyway to see if I was missing anything.

Pinnertest is a company that has been around for a while.  It’s a pretty big investment to take the test (over $400), but if you’re genuinely interested in your health, paying for these types of services can be worth it.

The process goes like this: they send you a kit, you prick your finger with their supplied needle, and put a few drops of blood onto their sample sheet.  I know that sounds intense, but it’s really easy, painless, and stress-free.

After that, you send back the kit and they take about 10 days to analyze, then email you the results.

To be perfectly honest with you, I’m not sure if I recommend this test or not…

The results told me that I was highly intolerant to beef, chicken, turkey, sardines, and mackrel.  Those are some of my main protein sources.  I eat them every day and haven’t noticed any problems.  Now, of course, if I’m eating them every single day it would be hard to even know if I was having digestive issues, but honestly there is no way I am going to give up those meats.  Just not gonna happen!

Anyway, the point is, I’m glad I took the test because I’m a food science nerd at heart and it was interesting.  Do I completely trust the results? Eh…

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