Garmin vs. Apple Watch

I’ve been wearing my new Apple Watch for about a month now!  Let me preface this by saying I loved my Garmin.  However, it wasn’t really a “fashion” watch.  It was bulky and used a heart rate monitor chest strap so it wasn’t practical for wearing all day.

I had done some research and it seemed like Apple Watches weren’t quite as accurate because they relied on measuring heart rate from the wrist rather than using a chest strap.  But since I got this watch for my birthday I absolutely wanted to try it out!  I wore it for all of my regular workouts and below you can see my findings:

Spin class (indoor)Same readings as Garmin.

Resistance (arm day). Loses HR data when doing push-ups, but seems accurate otherwise.

Stairs. Only records going up stairs, not the flights you walk down.

Outdoor run. Both HR and GPS are just as accurate as the Garmin.

Outdoor cycling. HR readings seemed a bit higher than the Garmin, but still in an accurate range.  GPS was just as accurate as the Garmin.

Resistance (leg day). Same readings as Garmin.

Indoor run. HR was just as accurate as the Garmin, but the distance was slightly off, although actually more accurate than the Garmin (Garmin always had terrible distance accuracy inside on a treadmill).


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