Mini-Cut Update: Week #3

Halfway there.

Three weeks into mini-cut – lost  0.1 lbs. net and 0.5″ off my waist

Still eating treats. One thing I have embraced in this cut is still living my life.  For example, my birthday was last week.  Did I deprive myself?  Heck no!  I ate cake, Cheetos, etc. but I just didn’t overdo it.  That’s something I  have been working on and am super proud of myself for!

Weight fluctuating a lot. It seems when I have even just a little of that “living my life” moment, my weight will go up a lot the next day!  Sort of annoying because that brings my weekly average up.  Ugh!

Scale number. Once again, the number on the scale isn’t that impressive to me right now.  That being said, I feel pretty satisfied with how I look and my clothes are fitting better.  Trust me I know we all want to see that number go down (myself included) but I am trying really hard to remember it is just a number and does NOT define my progress!

Weight lost so far: 0.1 lbs.
Waist inches lost so far: 0.5″

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