Mini-Cut Update: Week #2

Two weeks into mini-cut – lost  0.9 lbs. and 0.5″ off my waist.


Abs are back. I’m finally starting to feel like I can see my abs again on a consistent basis – especially in the mornings.  Yay!  They disappeared for a while because of some extra “fluff” but you can always get them back.

Not bloated at night. When I have a poor diet, I generally feel bloated, but especially at night.  Since I’ve been focusing on more whole and natural foods, I feel leaner at night and don’t look 6 months pregnant 😉 .

Hungry in the morning. Same as last week.  Since I’m eating less calories each day, I wake up hungry in the morning.  This doesn’t really bother me too much, just makes me look forward to my protein oats even more if that’s possible…

Scale frustration. know that the number on the scale only means so much, yet I am dying for it to move down!  I sort of feel like I should be seeing more weight loss but I’m trying to stay patient for now.  It is frustrating though!

Weight lost so far: 0.9 lbs.
Waist inches lost so far: 0.5″

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