Mini-Cut Update: Week #1

I am officially ONE WEEK into my mini-cut.  In case you missed it, you can read a little background on why I am doing it here.

One week into mini-cut – lost about 0.7 lbs. and 0.25″ off my waist.

A few updates:

Hunger levels. I’m starting to feel hungry in the mornings before I go workout.  I remember this from when I was in a fat loss phase last year.  It’s not that big of a deal, but it sure means I am ready to eat once my workout is finished 🙂 .  I’m also noticing that I’m a bit more hungry just in general – also around 4 p.m. but that’s just part of being in a deficit.  I’m eating LESS than my body needs right now.

Greek yogurt snack. I almost always pack some sort of Greek yogurt as a morning snack.  When I was on the reverse diet and eating more calories, I had more carbs to spare so I was eating more pre-packed, dessert-y ones like Chobani flips.  Now I’m choosing to save my carbs so plain Greek yogurt with cinnamon and a Splenda packet has been my savior!  Tons more protein and saves on carbs for later.

Reverting back to old habits. Yesterday, I went back to some old habits.  I started out with a little treat outside of my macros and it quickly escalated to a day of eating way outside my macros.  It wasn’t a full on binge by any means, but I definitely lost some control.  I woke up feeling bubbly in the tummy and a bit disappointed in myself but I’m not perfect and I know that is my weakness.  It’s something I have to constantly work on!

Weight lost so far: 0.7 lbs.
Waist inches lost so far: 0.25″

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