Starting a Mini-Cut

Hey there, happy Sunday!  Aren’t Sundays just awesome?  I know everyone complains about the “Sunday scaries,” but I find this day to just be super peaceful.  I usually work out in the morning and then have the rest of the day to just lay around.

My fiance and I love Sundays because it means Netflix, couch cuddles with my dog, Mia, and Sunday night Chinese!  Not sure why, but Stu started the tradition of eating Chinese food every Sunday night in college and we have continued it 🙂 .  In fact, I am making quinoa fried rice and spaghetti squash pad thai for dinner tonight.

Anyway…as most of you know I finished up a reverse diet at the beginning of the summer.  I saw great results!  I increased my overall macros and calories while maintaining the lean figure I worked so hard to build during my initial fat loss phase.

Same outfit, just have that extra summer “fluff” weight I am trying to get rid of with this mini-cut.

I spent the entire summer enjoying myself and not being strict with my macros.  It was nice to have a break especially because I got engaged in June so there were tons of celebrations as well as two vacations thrown in there.  I don’t know about you, but I eat whatever I want on vacation – bring on dessert after every meal!

But alas, all good things must come to an end!  So when I got back from my cruise at the end of July, I hopped right back into my regular routine and maintenance macros.  Remember, the goal of maintenance macros is to not gain OR lose weight.  I put on about 8 pounds since ending my reverse diet and my body needed a few weeks to adjust from the vacation lifestyle, which is why I stayed on maintenance macros.

Now that my body has gone mostly back to normal, I am ready to do a mini-cut and get back to the level of lean-ness I was at before!  I’m only cutting calories by 10%.  In the past if I wanted to lose weight, I would immediately slash calories to around 1,500 or less.  Now that I completed a reverse diet and got my body used to eating about 2,000 calories, I can still “cut” but not cut as much and achieve the same results!

About an 8 lb. difference.

I’ll follow the 10% cut and see how that goes.  If I am steadily losing fat then I won’t need to cut anymore.  If I plateau, I’ll cut a little more (like 15%).  I’m hoping to do this mini-cut for about 6-8 weeks and then see how I feel.  If I’m happy with the progress I will probably do another reverse diet to get my calories up again and maintain the fat loss.

Stay tuned for updates!  You can always check out my food diary posts on Instagram to see what I’m eating in a typical day.  Also if you are interested in counting macros, check out my coach!

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