5 Small Ways to Get Your Diet in Check

When it comes to leaning out, diet is going to be 70% of your progress.  It doesn’t matter if you are killing yourself in the gym if you are eating like shit!  Trust me, I did this for years.  My workouts were fine, but the overindulging was seriously hindering my progress.

You need both diet and exercise to achieve your goals, but for a lot of people (myself included) diet is the hardest thing to tackle.  Read on for my 5 easy ways to get your diet in check and finally achieve those results you are working so hard for in the gym!

  1. Avoid snacking at work.  This was a big one for me!  Candy bowls, provided lunches at meetings, and shared treats can add calories to your day FAST.  I started packing my own lunch for meetings rather than relying on the provided option (which was always high in calories) and only give in to office treats if I think they are really worth it.
  2. Find a breakfast you like and stick to it.  By now you know that I am obsessed with protein oats.  I eat this dish pretty much every single morning because it’s easy, full of protein, and keeps me full.  Plus I can switch up the toppings so I never get bored!
  3. Log your food.  I started using My Fitness Pal to log everything I ate during the day.  Doing this can be sooooo eye opening because you can see how much you are actually eating throughout the day.  It gives you a good baseline to go off of and decide if you need to make any changes.  But be sure you log everything because if you cheat and don’t log it all you could be eating hundreds of extra calories that you don’t even realize.
  4. Stop the licks, dips, and tastes.  I know it can be tempting to sample everything at the grocery store stations, take an extra spoonful of peanut butter while you’re making a sandwich, or eat an extra handful of chocolate chips while you are baking but these habits literally add tons of calories that you aren’t even aware of!
  5. Ditch the excuses.  I was the QUEEN of excuses when it came to my diet.  There will always be something in the way of eating healthy.  Whether that’s a friends birthday, a vacation, a relative visiting, or whatever the case may be it can be tempting to say “I’ll just start tomorrow”.  There will never be a perfect time in life, so you might as well start now and just deal with the temptations and special occasions as they come.  Small plug for macro counting – I think it really helps with times like this 🙂 .


  1. Hi Claire
    I have been following you on Instagram for some time, and normally I love your posts. However, as someone recovering from an eating disorder, I feel as though this post is troubling. To say that having samples will add a “ton of calories” and saying that this behavior is wrong is totally restrictive, especially if people are looking at your content to get on track. If someone wants a sample—have the dang sample! One sample will not make someone “fat” or gain weight. I would just be careful with your wording. Have a sample is not “overindulging” and it will not make someone fat.


    • Hi Clara,

      Thank you for the feedback! As someone who also struggled with an ED as a teenager, I understand where you are coming from. However I also know from personal experience that samples can add a lot of sneaky calories to your day. This can hinder progress when you are trying to lose weight! Will the samples make you fat? Absolutely not! BUT avoiding them can help you achieve your goals (if that is your goal). Have a great day!


  2. So true you cannot out train a bad diet. Why is it that diet is 70% of your results but also the hardest to control?! I feel like exercise is the easy part for me but saying no to desserts is way harder. I try to remind myself that as I exercise how much hard work I’m putting in is not always worth the extra treat if I want to reach my goals. I enjoy reading your posts- totally relatable!


    • YES GIRL! I am the exact same way! My workouts were/are never the problem. It’s controlling what I put in my mouth! Of course you can still have treats, but eating them in MODERATION is just so hard for me…I’m like give me the whole cake please :). Thanks for reading! Have an amazing day!


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