Cruise/Vacation Eating

Hello hello!  I am BACK from a 10-day adventure in Europe!  I had an absolutely incredible time exploring, resting, and of course, EATING!

July was a weird month – don’t get me wrong it was a GREAT month, but there was so much going on between getting engaged, celebrations, social events, and vacation that I basically took the entire month off from macro counting.  It just wasn’t worth the stress and I needed a break!

Because of that, I did indulge a lot and I did gain weight.  Did I lose all of my progress?  Absolutely not!  But I do need to buckle down, return to normalcy and routine, and get my body back on track.

Before I get into that, I wanted to share some of my tips for healthy living on a cruise or vacation.  Read on for more!

1. Go easy on breakfast. It can be so tempting to order everything on the menu when you’re on a cruise since you CAN, but I try to keep it pretty light at breakfast since I know I will be eating more than usual throughout the day.

Starting the day off with an egg white omelette insures you will get lots of protein.
A parfait is a great way to get a good balance of carbs and protein without feeling weighed down.
I think I had bagels and lox 4/7 days because I just love it so much!

2. Stay active during the day.  One way to beat that vacation puffiness is to choose activities that keep you moving!  I went on an intense hike one day (burned the same amount of calories as if I did three normal workouts) and white water rafting.

I was able to get in a few workouts on sea days and before touring which helps me feel better about eating desserts at every meal.
Ready to go white water rafting!
This hike was INTENSE but the view was SO worth it!


3. Avoid mindless snacking.  When you’re on a cruise you have access to food 24/7 – cookies, ice cream, pizza, etc.!  I tried to avoid snacking during the day and focus on enjoying the bigger and more indulgent foods at meal times.

Poolside eats!
When surf and turf is an option, you order it!
I tried to have at least one salad each day because my body is used to those greens!
The great thing about cruise dining is that even though you are eating a lot, the portions are actually pretty reasonable.
Give me ALL the fresh seafood!
You bet I had dessert after every meal!

4. Don’t clean your plate. Remember to stop eating when you are full!  I have trouble with this because the food tastes so good 🙂 , but remember you don’t HAVE to clean your plate every time.

Lots of international flavors at the Heathrow airport lounge.
Nutella donut ball…need I say more?!
Lunchtime on the ship.

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