Grilled Peach and Steak Salad

To be perfectly honest, I whipped up this dinner on a whim.  I was low on groceries and had steaks frozen in the freezer, fresh peaches, and cashews that needed to be used.


In fact, the blue cheese I planned to use for the salad turned out to be all moldy when I pulled it out of the fridge – yuck!  So my sweet fiancé ran to the store real quick because according to him, “the salad wouldn’t be complete without blue cheese crumbles.”

I use the same basic formula for most of my salads.  I start with the green (I almost always use baby spinach), top with a good carb source like quinoa, add something sweet (peaches), add something salty (blue cheese and cashews) and add a protein (NY strip steak).

If you’re wondering how I grilled the peaches, it’s super easy and looks sooo fancy 😉 .  All I did was slice the peach and then grill on both sides using my cast iron grill pan.

For having no plan and working with what was left in the fridge, this sure turned out to be a great dinner!  My fiancé even said it was in the top 5 meals I’ve ever cooked for him!

You can see the way I cook perfect steak in this post.

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