Frozen Fruit/Veggies

I love fresh fruit, I always have!  In fact, when I went off to college my mom commented that even though the number of people living in the house went from 6 to 5, the fruit consumption went down by about 50% 😉 .

Fruit is a great source of carbs, can cure a sweet tooth, and is packed with micronutrients.  Vegetables are pretty much the most macro-friendly foods out there and can add some serious volume to your meals.

The problem is, I live alone in an apartment and I just cannot eat fruit and veggies fast enough before they spoil!  Plus I like variety and it doesn’t make sense to buy all different types just to have to throw them away in a few days when they get moldy and yuck.

My secret?  The frozen section!  I buy frozen fruits and vegetables so that I can always have them on hand and never worry about wasting.  I buy frozen strawberries and blueberries that I’ll put in my protein oats or mix with Greek yogurt for a snack, frozen broccoli and cauliflower that I roast in the oven, and fresh bananas that I cut up myself and freeze in individual baggies.

I keep these on hand in the freezer so I can add veggies and volume to my plate even if I’m low on fresh produce.

I do buy some fruits fresh (apples, bananas, raspberries) and some vegetables fresh (spinach for salads and asparagus).  Believe it or not, the nutritional value is exactly the same whether you buy frozen or fresh.  I used to feel guilty buying the frozen versions but you really don’t need to – they are just as good for you.

Do what’s right for you – but remember that frozen produce is a great option if you need it.

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