Anxiety of Losing Progress

There are periods in our lives where maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle is easy and there are other periods where it just isn’t.  For example, you are tempted more often during the holidays and probably have more social events, so there’s more indulging, drinking, etc.

Over the past few months, sticking to my macros and normal routine was pretty easy.  My boyfriend and I were long-distance, I wasn’t doing much traveling, and my social calendar was pretty quiet.

The complete opposite is about to start for me.  Starting the beginning of June, I am out of town every single weekend until August.  I have road trips, vacations, weddings, parties, and lots of fun things coming up!  As exciting as all of that is, I get some anxiety that I will lost control of my routine and undo all of my fitness progress.

Then I remind myself that’s why this is a LIFESTYLE.  It’s not a race to the finish line and then you are done once you achieve your goal.  Nope, you have to constantly work at it.  That means that you won’t always be at your “peak fitness” and that is 100% ok.  You have to live your life and go through the ebbs and flows with your body.

When you find yourself in uncontrollable situations, try to put these three things into practice:

  1. If you are going to have a treat, indulge because it’s worth it, not just because it’s there.
  2. Stay as active as possible.
  3. Don’t continue to eat if you are full.

In short, yes, I might gain a few pounds over the next month or so because of the change in lifestyle and that is ok!  I know as soon as my schedule settles down I can get back to normal.  You only live one life so ENJOY it and remember what is truly important.

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