Progress Tracking Documents

Short and sweet post today!  A few of you have noticed a piece of paper hanging up in my bathroom and asked about it.  No secrets here 🙂 .  It’s how I track my daily weigh-ins and measurement progress.  I know it’s old school, but I haven’t found an app that does it the way I want.

I just need something simple to input my weight each day so that I can keep track of my weekly average weight (remember, you weight fluctuates daily so it’s best to use a weekly average to gauge it rather than just a single day) and measurements.

If any of you have a recommendation for a scale that does this automatically and syncs with your phone, let me know!  I would love to be able to do that.

In the meantime, feel free to use these progress sheets for yourself!  I created one for a reverse diet and one for maintenance.  The only differences are with a reverse diet your macros will be changing every 3-4 weeks and you will be measuring yourself every week as opposed to maintenance where you will keep your macros the same and only measure every other week.

I hope these are helpful to you!

TOC Reverse Diet Progress Tracker

TOC Maintenance Progress Tracker

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