Dealing with Cravings

Before I really got into this fitness journey I pretty much ate whatever I wanted.  If I felt like having some afternoon candy at work, I knew exactly which colleague had the best stash in their desk candy bowl.  If I wanted Chinese for dinner, I went for it.  If I was bored watching a movie and thought peanut butter sounded good, I grabbed the jar and a spoon and went to town.  You get the picture?  I didn’t eat poorly all the time by any means, but I certainly didn’t weigh out the pros and cons or take into consideration what else I had eaten that day or even week to make sure I was living a balanced lifestyle (and I definitely was not living with balance!).

I still eat all the things I mentioned above, but rather than instantly giving into a craving I might have, I incorporate bits of those foods in every single day and I find that “cravings” aren’t even a thing for me anymore…or at least a very rare thing 😉 .

And since I count macros and need to make sure everything “fits” into my day, I plan out what I am going to eat the night before.  This helps keep me from mindlessly snacking because I don’t want to deviate from my plan and have to recalculate the entire day!

When you get a craving and are early on in your fitness journey, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you really want it?  Or are you just bored?
  2. Will it set you off onto a road of mindless eating or binge?
  3. Can you control the portion size?

Like anything else, dealing with cravings takes practice and self-control.  We all have our weak moments, but the key is having fewer and fewer weak moments.  Overall consistency is what yields results!


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