Bad Habits vs. “Bad” Foods

Something I’ve learned while progressing through this fitness journey is that no food is inherently “bad.”  What’s really “bad” are the habits we form around some types of foods.

For me, this stems from previously restricting food and having an all or nothing mentality.  I’ve really been working on this over the past few months and have seen a HUGE improvement, but it’s a constant battle and learning process.

For example, in the past if I went out for pizza and then got ice cream after, I would then have the urge to also stop into the candy store next door and keep the “bad foods” train going.  Did I need candy after my dinner and dessert?  No.  Was I already full and satisfied?  Yes – but because I had that mentality that since I was being “bad” I might as well be really “bad,” it sent me down a negative spiral.

Now I understand it’s not that the pizza, ice cream, or candy were inherently “bad”.  It was my mentality around those types of foods that was bad.  What I try to do now is enjoy my dinner and dessert, but recognize that continuing to eat those types of foods in excess will make me feel sick, tired, bloated, and overall BLAH.  Going out for a treat is totally fine, but it needs to stop at the end and not just continue out of control.

This is a difficult topic/feeling to put into words, but I hope y’all understand what I’m talking about 🙂 .

When it comes to labeling foods, you have to remember it’s not about them being “good” or “bad”.  It’s about moderation and portion control.  Sure, a donut is more calorically dense than an orange, but that doesn’t make it inherently bad.  If you have a donut as part of a balanced day of food filled with plenty of other nutrient-dense, natural foods and plenty of protein there is nothing wrong with eating a donut.

What helps keep me from going nuts and bringing back that all or nothing mentality is remembering how overeating those foods makes me feel after.  Of course in the moment it tastes great and feels good!  But afterwards, I’ll feel sluggish and sick inside.  I never like that feeling, so remembering that BEFORE overeating is hard, but helps!


  1. This one hit home. This is totally me – eat one bad thing and then SPIRAL out of control the rest of the day…feel gross and so disappointed. Thank you for making me feel not alone and giving me hope that one day I can get through the stigma of “bad” vs “good”…and just eat until I’m full!! Thank you Claire!!


    • It’s a constant battle and learning experience – trust me I go through it too! We will NEVER be perfect, but can always strive for improvement 🙂


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