80/20 Rule

You’ve probably seen the “80/20” rule thrown around but maybe you aren’t quite sure what it means…I’m here to break it down for you!

Whether or not you are counting macros, you can benefit from this principle.  Basically what it means is that 80% of your calories for the day should come from whole foods that are minimally processed.  Think lean meats, eggs, oats, fruits, vegetables, potatoes, bread, etc.  The other 20% of your calories can come from “fun” foods.  For these sort of foods, if it comes out of a package that’s a good rule of thumb that it’s a “fun” food.  Think chips, granola bars, cereal, candy, etc.

This graphic from Leslie Hooper does a great job breaking down the 80/20 rule.

Of course you don’t have to eat exactly 80/20 every single day, but that should be your general guideline.  I don’t add up my calories and categorize foods to ensure I’m hitting these percentages every day.  For example, if I know I am going to have some Halo Top ice cream for dessert, I probably won’t have a Quest bar for a snack.  Both of these foods are perfectly acceptable to eat, but I would likely choose an apple and nuts for a snack instead so I can get in those micronutrients.

Don’t stress about it too much, if you are honest with yourself, you will know if you are “spending” too many of your calories on treats 😉 .

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