How to Recover after Over Eating

I talked about how to recover from overindulging using three steps on IG stories and got such great feedback that I figured I should write up a blog post so that everyone can benefit!

We are all human.  We all “mess up” and don’t stick to plans.  Hey, myself included!  Just a few weeks ago over Easter weekend I had set up a great plan to stick to macros and then treat myself to some extra candy and chocolates on actual Easter Sunday (totally normal, keep on track leading up to the holiday, but live life and enjoy treats on the day of).

Welp, that did not happen.  I ended up basically making myself sick the second I stepped into my Grammie’s house by over eating.  I ate so much over two days that by the time Easter itself rolled around I had to get back on the macros train in order to get a grip and not let the cycle go on for days – so I did the exact opposite of what I had planned!

It’s not like I just sat there and binged and ate an entire cake or anything, but I was eating/snacking just because I was bored and dipped into the Easter candy bag way more than a normal person should 🙂 .

Like I said – none of us are perfect and THAT IS OK!  The important part is moving on and learning.

I still struggle with the restrict/over eating cycle.  While I allow myself daily treats that fit into my macros, occasionally I still go nuts when I have an “untracked” meal that can lead to an entire day of overindulging.  BUT because I am learning from these experiences and learning what triggers them, they happen less and less often.

If you DO find that you have gone a little crazy, remember these three things:

  1. You can’t go back in time.  You need to forgive yourself.  You cannot undo what you did, so you have to let go of the negative self-talk.  Recognize that we ALL make mistakes and that you are no less of a person because of it.
  2. If you feel pretty down on yourself in the moments after overeating, write a quick note in your phone about how you feel.  Write down that your tummy hurts, that it wasn’t worth it, that you feel like you failed…whatever it is.  Then, next time you feel like you are on the verge, go back and read that note.  It will remind you what you do not want to feel like and maybe keep you from starting the cycle.
  3. Move on.  Don’t wait for the next day, or Monday, or the next week to “start over.”  Get back into your regular routine RIGHT AWAY.  Don’t kill yourself with cardio to make up for what you did and don’t starve yourself as punishment.  Just jump right back into your normal routine.


  1. This pretty much has summed me right up!!
    I always feel guilty and look at my bloated tummy in the mirror but I never learn. Today I enjoyed a lovely roast dinner and I didn’t go to the gym because I finished work late but, after reading this post, I realise that it IS OKAY to have one day off – tomorrow I will return to normal and kill it at the gym 🙂
    I’m going to remember this post every time j feel bad haha!


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