Meatless Buffalo Pizza

I accidentally created this recipe while scavenging for food that was left in the fridge before going on a trip.  Isn’t it funny what you can create when you are forced to think outside the box?


I started with a basic personal pizza crust (not a light version) and built on that.  I “baked” a sweet potato in the microwave and scooped out the inside to use as the “pizza sauce”.  Next, I sauteed some onions and added it to the pizza along with some fat-free mozzarella.

After baking the pizza for a crisp crust and to melt the cheese, I topped it with a few poached eggs, some green onions and a few dashes of hot buffalo sauce.

It’s everything you want in a pizza – melted cheese, oozing egg yolks, tang from the buffalo sauce, and earthiness from the potato.  I’m going to be making this pizza again and again (even when I’m not cleaning out the fridge 🙂 )!


528 calories | 57 g carbs, 17 g fat, 36 g protein


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