The BEST Macros Coach – Ledbetter

I get TONS of questions from y’all on how to calculate macros.  It’s amazing that so many of you are ready to start on the journey and take charge of your fitness by truly understanding how to fuel your body properly and reach your goals in a sustainable way.  If you are new to macros, check out my intro post.

You have to recognize that your macros set should be unique to you.  Following the same macros that I do won’t yield the same results I have – they need to be personalized to your body type, metabolism, goals, height, etc.

Because personalization is so important, I highly recommend going with a macros coach.  This will cost a little bit of money up front, but trust me it is SO worth it to receive that individualized attention.

I’ve been a part of the Ledbetter family for about six months now and cannot recommend them enough!  This husband and wife duo KILLS IT on the macro game.  Seriously – they are so inspirational (#CoupleCrush).  They just released an app that allows you to customize your macros, browse recipes, follow a work-out plan, check-in weekly, and more.

I thought the program was great before, but now that I have an app right at my fingertips it is EVEN BETTER!

The best part about the Ledbetter method is that it’s a one time fee to join their program. I was working with another coach previously, and I had to pay her every single time I needed my macros adjusted, which came out to about $30/month.  That’s over $350/year!  I wanted to have more personal control and couldn’t justify paying that.  With the Ledbetters, you pay one time and they teach YOU how to adjust YOUR macros yourself so you can be self-sufficient.  In addition, they will support you forever via the private Facebook group and you can also email Josh personally at any time!

If you’re not quite ready to invest in the Ledbetter macros, start by trying out a free online calculator.  My favorite one is from IIFYM.

Feel free to reach out with questions about the program – I am so passionate about it because it’s changed my life 🙂 .

Ledbetter Link


    • It should be no more than 24 hours. If you’ve waited longer than that, email Julie (her email is on her IG bio) and she can get it sorted out for you! 🙂


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