February “Bad Foods” Log

The idea that you have to eat boring “healthy” foods 100% of the time to reach your fitness goals is ridiculous.  Take a look at all the “bad” foods I incorporated throughout February (I use the term “bad” in this post because that’s how I used to view these sorts of foods, but now I prefer to label foods as “more nutritious” or “less nutritious”).

February 1 – tracked dark chocolate M&Ms
February 2 – tracked wine
February 3 – untracked family dinner with lots of bread, pasta, pimento cheese, crackers, and multiple cupcakes
February 4 – tracked mini chocolate chips
February 5 – tracked chocolate cake
February 7 – tracked Maggiano’s pasta dish
February 12 – tracked mini chocolate chips
February 13 – tracked wine and Carrabba’s seafood pasta plus untracked chocolate birthday cake
February 14 – untracked six cookies, two large brownies, and 2 large Rice Krispie treats (to be completely honest, this was a regression back to bad habits – I went a little crazy but it’s all part of the learning experience)
February 16 – tracked wine
February 17 – tracked mini chocolate chips
February 22 – tracked dark chocolate M&Ms
February 25 – tracked Oreos
February 27 – tracked Oreos
February 28 – tracked Chik-fil-A ice cream cone

Note: these are just general foods that I used to avoid before macro counting because I labeled them as “bad”.  I also would avoid cheese, peanut butter, carbs, etc. but did not include these in the “bad foods” list above.

So there you have it.  A list of all the “bad” foods I ate over the last month.  You know what this doesn’t show though?  The majority of my meals were nutritious, micro nutrient dense, and just as yummy.

I felt it was also important to show you how much of these less nutritious foods I actually accounted for (tracked) into my daily macro goals.  That’s the beauty of macro counting – no foods are off limits and you can incorporate them in controlled amounts so that you don’t go crazy for them later.

You don’t have to be super strict to attain/maintain your physique.  I truly want you to understand that if you are consistent 80% of the time, you can give yourself some room to relax and enjoy those more indulgent foods.


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