FRÉ Skin Care Review

The team at Fré was kind enough to send me some of their products to test out and share with y’all!  I’ve seen this brand pop up a lot on Instagram and was interested in trying because it’s specifically designed for us gals who SWEAT!


A little history on my skin – I’ve never had a beautiful, flawless complexion like some of you are blessed with.  I struggled with moderate acne as a teenager, and still get pimples at 25!  I’ve never had TERRIBLE acne, but I do get those annoying pimples that are juuuust enough to keep you from going make-up free.  I can cover them up pretty easily, but of course I would prefer to have ZERO ZITS!

Natural, make-up free skin.

My first impression upon receiving my Fré package in the mail was that it was so clean and posh looking.  I loved the easy instructions sheet and the packaging of the products.  The set comes with a cleanser (one of those that has the beads in it for exfoliation), a daily moisturizer with SPF, and a nighttime serum.

I have been using the Fré system for a couple of weeks now and overall I like it!  They leave my skin feeling SUPER fresh and clean.  They have actually improved the texture of my skin – it feels softer and more velvet-y 🙂 .  Plus, they smell GREAT.  Like I mean GREAT!  Sometimes these lotions and cleansers smell like chemicals or just have no scent, but the Fré products smell clean and fresh and I love that.  I think this could be because they use a unique blend of organic Argon oil, Argan leaf water extract, and Argan stem cells.

Lol at this picture of me about to rub in the daily SPF lotion…but this is my favorite part of the system!  The lotion makes my skin feel SO smooth in the morning and protects me with SPF.

Side note – if you are wondering “what the heck is Argan?” like I was 😉 it’s an extract from the Moroccan Argan tree.  For every Fré set sold, an Argan tree is planted to empower women who harvest Argan products in Morocco and fight deforestation!

Now, for the negative…the products did not help my acne.  I still have zits.  They didn’t get any worse, but they certainly didn’t get any better.

That being said – I still recommend the system because of the other benefits!  The smell, improvement to my skin’s texture, and Fré’s commitment to socially responsible products (100% vegan and cruelty free!) are all reason enough for me to continue using them.

If you want to try out the products, you can use the code TOC25 for 25% off!

Have you tried Fré products?  Have you tried something else that really worked for your acne or skin’s texture?  Please share!

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