5 Steps To Get Into Running

When people find out that I’ve run a couple marathons and several half marathons, the response I usually get is “Oh my gosh I could NEVER do that.”

And you know what?  I’m calling BS on that one.  Trust me I used to think the same thing before I was a runner.  And yes, it’s HARD to train, get up early, put those miles in, and finish strong.  It’s not like runners have some special gene that makes it easy for us.  If you are willing to put in the work, you, yes YOU can also be a runner!  But where to start…

FIRST. Make your goal.  Is it to run a half?  A 10k?  Decide what you want to reach for and SIGN UP.

SECOND. See what your baseline is.  Just go out one day and run and see how far/how fast you can comfortably go.

THIRD. Make a schedule.  Start working backward from race day and steadily increase your weekly mileage – I only increase about 1 mile per week!

FOURTH. Put in the work.  Stick to your schedule, but adjust if necessary.  Listen to your body!

FIFTH. Run that race!

Writing this inspired me to take a walk down my own running memories.  If you’re interested, take a look at some of the pics below.  I’ve come a long way!

2013 | First half marathon in the pouring rain
2014 | First full marathon
2015 | Second full marathon
2016 | First time getting my man to join me on the half
2017 | 5th half marathon and a PR

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