Typical Day of Eating

I had a special request to write about what a typical day of eating looks like for me.  Let’s get right to it 🙂 .


I almost always have protein oats for breakfast.  You can see the recipe for them here.  Not only are they quick for mornings that I am going to work, but they are just so filling and warm and start my day on the most wonderful note.  You can switch up the toppings so you don’t get bored!  Lately I’ve been incorporating calorie-free and macro-free chocolate syrup…yep, you read that right!

On the days I don’t have protein oats, I will usually have scrambled eggs and egg whites with turkey sausage and some toast.

Morning Snack

I always have a morning snack to get in some extra protein.  It is always a Greek yogurt, literally NO deviation from this.  My favorite is the Yoplait Greek 100 because they have so many flavors and low sugar.  But there are lots of brands out there to choose from!


Since I pack my lunch and bring it to work, I tend to rotate around a few staple meals.  Most frequently you can find me eating a spinach salad with lots of protein.  Check out the recipe for one of my favorites here.  Below I listed out some of my other favorite combinations:

Greek salad: grilled chicken, Kalamata olives, feta cheese, red onion, capers, quinoa, balsamic dressing
Asian salad: boiled shrimp, edamame, cilantro, jalapeno, Asian ginger dressing
“Waldorf” salad: grilled chicken, purple grapes, feta cheese, diced avocado, red onion

You can mix and match the proteins and toppings on all of these!  I usually also have an apple and some peanut butter with my lunch.


Dinner has a lot of variety for me, but it always includes lots of protein and often a nightcap of Halo Top 🙂 .

I might have chili rellenos with black beans, turkey tacos, salmon with spaghetti squash, chicken and asparagus, steak with cauliflower, etc.  Since I have time to cook dinner and am usually not in a rush I give myself a bit more freedom and flexibility here.

Hope that helps give you some ideas!

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