My Macros Journey

I want y’all to have a reference for how to start macros.  I’m not saying you need to follow exactly what I did – but for me it has worked out really well.  Instead of jumping right into macros, I followed a gradual path inching closer and closer to them and overall better nutrition.  Read on to see how I ended up counting macros and living the IIFYM lifestyle 🙂 .

As most of you know, in March 2017 something finally clicked.  I was consistently working out (mostly cardio) and had a somewhat healthy diet, but definitely not consistent.  I ate whatever I wanted and definitely dove into the office candy bowl on a weekly basis.  I wasn’t overweight, but I wasn’t very toned either.  I’m not sure what set me off – but something did and I decided to clean up my diet and start BBG.

Month 1
I focused on my pre-BBG workouts (the 4 weeks before the real deal BBG starts – this is part of the app) and limiting treats (candy, sweets, fried foods, chips, etc.).  I lost about 4 pounds this first month focusing on a “clean” diet.

Month 2
Now that I was officially into BBG, I took my diet a step further.  I did an online calorie calculator and figured that in order to lose weight while being at a realistic deficit, I should be eating around 1,700 calories.  So I started tracking with the My Fitness Pal app.  I was solely focusing on calories in vs. calories out (while choosing healthy options).

Month 3
After the first couple months, I started to see serious results!  I finally felt noticeably leaner.  It’s funny how progress works.  At first, I started to feel better because I was fueling my body with more nutritious food and less junk, but my body wasn’t showing those results yet, which is SUPER FRUSTRATING!  If you can make it through that period and over the hump where your body’s progress follows, results become addicting 🙂 – you just gotta stick with it and be patient.  Since I finally was seeing real results, I wanted to push myself even further and commit even more to my goals!

Left: pre BBG; Right: 3 months

I’d seen some of my Instagram role models talk about macros, but was intimidated by them.  It seemed so difficult and time consuming!  Plus I was overwhelmed by the online calculators – I didn’t know which were legit and how to calculate.  So rather than jump fully into macros, I started looking at the percentages (not grams!) of carbs, fats, and protein I was eating per day, but  I didn’t do anything with this info or change my eating habits, it was more just awareness.

Month 4
At this point I had finished up the first 12 weeks of BBG (16 if you include the pre-training) and had lost about 10 pounds.  I was ready to try out macros for real!  I saw a post on the  Houston BBG Facebook page recommending Paola from Pao’s Fit World to calculate your personal macros.  She is so kind and helpful.  Most importantly, these macros are specific to you and your progress/goals; not calculated by a generic website!  I’ve been counting macros since!

Month 5
I got an updated set of macros from Paola because I had lost some more weight (about 15 pounds total!).

Month 6
I’m currently on the same set of fat loss macros.  I’m thinking at the end of next month I might transition to maintenance macros and go on a diet break, and then maybe do another fat loss cut after the holidays are over.

Left: pre BBG; Right: 6 months

Overall, I think my progress toward macros worked because it was gradual.  You can start counting macros all at once, just be prepared for a learning curve.  It takes a few weeks to get the hang of it, but once you do the benefits are so amazing and it becomes second nature.

Clean eating > calorie deficit focused > macro awareness > full on macro counting.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out!

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