Bouncing Back

Let’s talk about progress and bouncing back from a period of indulgence.

At the beginning of August I felt the leanest I have ever felt – in my entire life!  I had been slaying my workouts and consistently hitting my macros for weeks.  I was finally seeing the changes in my physique that I had always wanted and was starting to think it was time for me to transition from a fat-loss focus to maintenance.  This was a huge deal for me because it signified that I was happy with my body and felt like I was in a place where I could be satisfied to stay for a while.

But then, I went to go visit my love in Connecticut and because of Hurricane Harvey I ended up spending almost three weeks there!  It was such a wonderful time spent with him, but my diet went to shit.  Does anyone else do this?  It was almost like I had a vacation mentality and felt like I could eat whatever I wanted – sometimes to the point of making myself sick.

I’m not proud of this, so why am I telling you this?  I want you to know that everyone is human.  Everyone messes up.  Everyone gets off track. 

Same outfit, same pose, slightly different body shape.  Photos taken about 3 weeks apart.

When I finally made it back to Houston I felt terrible about myself.  While I didn’t gain a ton of weight, I felt fluffy – like the toned abs I had started to see were gone and would take forever to get back.  You know the feeling – you just feel like a complete and utter failure but have no one to blame but yourself.  And for some strange reason I continued with the bad diet and entered the vacation hangover phase for a few days until I finally said enough was enough.  I put away the mindless snacks and got back to My Fitness Pal and fueling my body rather than stuffing it.

I could tell you all the positive mantras I told myself about not losing my progress and all the inspiration I looked for on Instagram, but they just didn’t work on me.  I still felt pretty down for a few days.

What did work was getting my butt back into a healthy eating routine.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my un-tracked bites and meals once in a while, but I truly do feel better inside and out when I’m consistently  hitting my macros.  It makes me feel confident in myself and that is truly the secret weapon – confidence.

I’m here to tell you that it is two and a half weeks later and I feel SO much better.  Still not completely back to where I was, but I would say I’m 90% there.  I honestly thought it would take me at least six weeks to get my body back to where it was, but it has taken less than half of that.

What do I want you to take away from this?  I want you to know that even those of us who promote a healthy lifestyle have moments (ok…or days…or weeks) of weakness and times we just feel absolutely terrible about ourselves.  I would like to say that I learned from this and that it won’t happen again – but I know I will mess up again in the future – it’s just human nature.  What I do hope happens is that I mess up less often and for shorter lengths of time.

Beginning of “lax” month, end of “lax” month, and about two weeks post “lax” month.

If you find yourself in a situation where you’ve fallen off track, take a moment.  Let yourself feel disappointed.  Have those emotions.  Remember the feeling – and conclude that you do not want to feel that way anymore.  Then, wake up and start getting back to your healthy routine.  It may take a few weeks, but you will earn it back!

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