Spinach and Berry Salad

I pack my lunch pretty much every day when I go to work.  It saves money, time, and is definitely healthier than if I were to go out to eat every day!

Sometimes it’s leftovers from the night before, sometimes it’s a random assortment of snacks and meat to hit my macros, but the combination I go for time and time again is this berry salad!

FullSizeRender (2)

I honestly never get sick of eating this.  I always say I could never be a meal prep kind of person because I cannot stand to eat the same thing every day, but this salad is definitely the exception!  With its flavorful combination of salty, sweet, crunch and freshness I eat it about three days a week.

Spinach and Berry Salad

65 g spinach
70 g strawberries, diced
30 g blueberries
28 g reduced fat Feta cheese
15 g red onion, diced
1 restaurant chicken breast*
30 g Raspberry and Walnut dressing 

  1. There is only one step 🙂 – throw everything into a bowl and toss  until combined!  When I pack this for lunch at work, I put everything into a large container except for the dressing, which I pack in this handy container and add just before eating.

*For this macro calculation, I used a 4.2 oz chicken breast, but you can use any size you like.  Actually – you can adjust any of these ingredients to help you meet your daily macros.  Need more protein/fat?  Add more cheese.  More protein?  Use a larger chicken breast.  Less carbs?  Decrease the fruit.


328 calories | 25 g carbs | 11.5 g fat | 33 g protein

FullSizeRender (3)


  1. Tastes so good! I skipped the chicken as I’m veggie and the Feta as I’m not a fan but the rest was a great combo! i love the sweetness from the berries, and yet so healthy! Thanks for the inspiration


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